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What is Chuuze?

Chuuze (pronounced "choose") is a place to ask, answer, and browse questions -- to discover the informed consensus on an issue, highlight the best option, resolve a dilemma or make a choice.

Chuuze gathers many responses -- from small groups or a global audience, and it knows who are experts in each subject. At a glance, you see the expert and general consensus. The result is more trustworthy than individual opinions and agendas.

Chuuze validates experts across subjects. As an expert, you directly assist others, make connections, have additional services, and can become more recognized.

Chuuze -- helpful, trustworthy, engaging, and fun.

Why Chuuze?

Do you ever have a question and wonder which is the better option? Do you agree that often online responses are not really trustworthy -- maybe they are biased, have an agenda, or are not well-informed? There should be a better way to get to useful answers more quickly and easily. That's why we are building Chuuze.

How does it work?

You can ask a question in any one of many subjects. Chuuze is designed to poll responses from a few or thousands of people who share an interest in your subject. Chuuze knows who the experts are and makes it inviting and easy for them to respond. Everyone sees the results and a clear summary.

Chuuze is great for resolving questions. For example: “Do you agree that…?” “Which is the best choice?” “Should we go with plan A, B, C, or some other plan?” For every question you present in a subject area, Chuuze will tell you what the readers and, in particular, what the experts in that area have to say. You can also simply poll your friends or a specific group of readers.

How is Chuuze different?

Use a search site if you want lots of maybe-relevant links to read through.
Use other question sites if you want a few responses.
Use Chuuze if you want the most trustworthy answer.

Consensus at a Glance

Responses are tabulated into clear graphs that quickly provide powerful insights. You can see how Chuuze gathers responses from many people with relevant interests and knowledge.

Opinion from Experts

You see a summary of responses from experts in the field related to your question. Knowledge and experience count when Chuuze presents trustworthy answers.

Connect with Community

Connect with the experts when you want more in-depth discussions and to be plugged into community that share your interests.

Fun to Use

It’s a lot of fun to use. Compare your knowledge against the experts, advance yourself to expert levels, etc..

Who are the Chuuze users?

Chuuze is for people with questions who want trustworthy answers. Chuuze is for people with knowledge and experience who enjoy reading and sharing.

We are all experts in our own little niches.

- Alex Trebek -

Our Team

We're a small and talented team with a great teamwork that started at Goldman Sachs and developed into friendship over the years. We share a passion for building software and commitment to betterment of mankind through technology.

The problem with the Internet is that it gives you everything.
So the problem becomes, how do you discriminate?

- Umberto Eco -


The prototype is almost ready, and will be tested over the next few months. We want to learn how to make it better and be worthy of the funding to make it great. Care to participate or to keep in touch? We’d love to hear from you.

Initial Concept

Concept design and reviews


Build a working prototype for feedback

Beta Version

Build the initial, complete “beta” version


Commercial delivery through app stores

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